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The Foundlings is a vampire novel…but it's actually badass. None of the Twilight garbage you usually find in modern vampire novels. I can speak from experience that this is an amazing and fun read.  —After The Show Podcast (Twitter: @ATSPodcast)

This is a must read!! I am not sure what I was expecting from this book but I can tell you that it blew me away and I am not a huge vampire fan!! The story is engaging in every aspect, from the characters to the story line. He took a very well known story and made it new and fresh. You will not be disappointed!! I can't wait for more from RM Garcia~  —Kim S.

Everyone needs a copy! I don't really like Vampire stories and I can't put it down!   —Jennifer H.

Although I am not usually a fan of the vampire "genre" this book had me glued cover to cover and anxiously awaiting the next chapter in the series (especially after reading to "lost chapter" blog). From chapter one, the author draws you in with his character history, great fight scenes and overall writing skills and keeps you on edge until the end. It's as if you are actually watching a movie. Highly recommended!   —Michael L.

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